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Counselling Support

A Partnership Programme to give families easy access to support, right when it's needed.

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Finding a therapist that is the right fit is the first step in helping to make meaningful life changes. I aim to provide a warm, supportive, and compassionate environment to foster a collaborative therapeutic relationship. Together we will develop a specific plan to address your individual needs. Our therapy will focus on developing greater insight into interpersonal...

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Personalised Help
for the Families

Everybody processes bereavement in their own way. 

Our platform helps the families find the right counsellor for them; based on their own personal needs & preferences. 

More than a referral, a partnership.

About The
Partnership Programme

Offer Counselling Through Your Funeral Home

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Set Up Your Free Partner Account!

Our partnership programme is completely free, and will allow you to offer counselling support through a package you offer, or from donations made by the family. 

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How We Support 


Wide Access to Help

Therapy Panda has over 100 clinical practitioners ready to support the bereaved.

We help the families find a practitioner that is the right fit for them; whether that's somebody with the same age or background as them, or of the same faith.

Support When It's Needed

There are no waiting lists or complicated referral processes to schedule an appointment. 

Our platform shows the live availability of the practitioners meaning that, as soon as they need support, they can access it. 

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Connect From Anywhere

Our practitioners offer support both online as well as in-person.

For online sessions, family members can connect through our built-in video meeting platform, wherever they are. 

What You Can Do
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Expand on the

Packages You Offer

Allow Friends and Families to Contribute

Create Tailored Accounts for The Families

Get Money Back


Give Access through Our Integrated Portal

Offer Counselling for Multifaith Needs